Is the Philippines ready for an RE-dominant mix?

CEO, James Buskowitz on In Focus, a show by Power Philippines. The segment covers how the energy mix affects, not just the environment, but the economy. Buskowitz also makes a case against using arable land for solar farms, believing that embracing the country’s natural agricultural industry helps the economy much better in the long run. […]

James Buskowitz on ANC - What it Takes to Go Solar
What it Takes to Go Solar

Last August, CEO James Buskowitz interviewed with ANC on what it takes to go solar in the Philippines. The show focused on how solar power in the Philippines is doing as an industry and how it can help make our country a greener place. James Buskowitz: On what it takes to go solar Harnessing solar […]

Solar in the Philippines – Facts You Did Not Know

Every day, solar power technology is innovating and changing, making it cheaper and more efficient for home and business owners. In the Philippines, solar power is quickly becoming the renewable energy fo choice due to these innovations becoming more affordable, and as the industry grows, more and more people are becoming curious about how the […]