CEO James Buskowitz is interviewed by ANC Conversations host Migs Bustos.
The Future of Solar in the Philippines

CEO James Buskowitz is interviewed by ANC Conversations host Migs Bustos. In this episode, which focuses on sustainability, they discuss all about the sustainable solutions enterprise, the future of the energy industry in the Philippines, and why you should make the switch to solar today. Originally published on ANC Channel. To view the full episode, […]

San Carlos Town Center Installation During Typhoon Ompong - Buskowitz Energy
Strong Rooftop Solar PV Systems Through the Storm

How Three Project Site Installations Withstood a Tropical Cyclone Back in 2016, Health Centrum Hospital had signed with Buskowitz Energy to power its facilities with a 99.90 kilowatt-peak rooftop solar PV system. The medical complex located in Roxas city, opted for a renewable energy source to experience solar savings, a negative carbon footprint, and positive […]

Misconception Series Image 01 - Buskowitz Energy
Sustainability Myths and the Truths Behind Them

Myth or truth? Many have a few misconceptions about the idea of sustainability, which prevent them from living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. We look into the renewable energy industry, some sustainable practices and beliefs, and the truths behind them.   Coal can be clean Fact: The process of and chemicals used to clean coal–separating the […]

The-Perks-of-Having-an-Aquaponic-Garden - Buskowitz Energy
The Perks of Having an Aquaponic Garden

Nowadays, more and more eco-lovers are looking into the basics on how to transform their backyards into a vegetable and herb garden. Common practices include traditional in-ground, raised bed, and vertical gardening, among others. Another organic, homegrown alternative is to create an aquaponic system.     Why consider having an aquaponic garden? It uses a […]

enviroment-friendly-energy- Buskowitz Energy
What Happens When you Switch On your Solar Inverter for your Rooftop Solar PV System?

Solar photovoltaic installations are slowly becoming one of the main alternatives for energy sources. In order for the system to work it requires an inverter, which acts like the system’s brain–helping to convert the energy captured by solar cells into electricity that powers a home.  Some frequently asked questions about this equipment range from “What […]

Carbon-Cost-of-the-Internet - Buskowitz Energy
What is the Carbon Cost of the Internet

The internet is an intangible technology that has become a necessity for almost everyone these past two decades. It has helped humanity further their studies, work and leisure. The internet was first launched in the 60’s, where it was used to communicate messages between multiple computers on a single network with the help of packet […]

How-Can-You-Keep-Track-of-Your-Solar-Home - Buskowitz Energy
How Can You Keep Track of Your Rooftop Solar PV System?

When making a stock investment, it is only natural that one would like to keep track of the market trends. Likewise, homeowners opting for a fully-functional rooftop solar PV system should also look into their installation’s sun production frequently. The Solar Home system is made up of 2 components: solar panels, which capture the sun’s […]

Blockchain-Technology - Buskowitz Energy
Blockchain Cryptocurrency and the World of Sustainability

What is blockchain? Blockchain was brought to life in 1991 by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta. Their goal was to create a system that could not be tampered with. It took almost 20 years for blockchain to be known. In fact, it wasn’t until the release of the popular Bitcoin that it became fully […]

Energy Saving Tips and How you Can Keep Track of your Carbon Footprint at Home - Buskowitz Energy
Staying Home? Here are some Energy Saving Tips

We live during extraordinary times. With everyone staying home, there is no doubt that more and more households are seeing an increase in their home’s electricity bill, thus affecting their family’s carbon footprint as well. How can you reduce your electricity consumption while still enjoying fun activities at home? Here are some energy saving tips: […]

Solar Powered Household
How Does Net Metering Work?

Net metering plays a major role when going solar. It allows customers to enjoy credits for any excess solar production generated by their home, which creates more savings. How does Net Metering work? A rooftop solar pv system connected to the net metering program enjoys the benefit of receiving credits from their distribution utility, thus […]